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Gym Membership Pricing


Memberships for  24/7 gym access (No Classes)

Single Membership $36.99/month

Couple Membership $64.99/month


Memberships with boxing classes + 24/7 access

Single Membership $49.99/month

Family of two $79.99/month

Family of Three $119.99/month

Family of Four $139.99/monnth

Family of Five $150/month


Month/Month NO CONTRACT $79.99/month per person

Each Member has to pay a one time $50 enrollment fee when they join.  If you commit to a six month  minimum contract you will also receive free boxing gloves and hand wraps to get you started.  If you would like to do a month to month membership we have gear available for purchase or you can bring your own. (Must always use boxing gloves/gear on equipment)​ 

We also have a full weight room in the back of our gym  now to offer with some new upgrades! This includes  two full squat racks, a curl station, a dip station, variety of different benches, dumbbells 1lb-100lbs, Kettle bells up 5lbs- 70lbs,  500 + pounds in Rubber plates, Slam balls 8lb-25lbs battle ropes, jump ropes, 4 treadmills (Two New!), a spin bike, a elliptical (Also New!) 3 pull up stations, yoga mats, 2 new TVs  (Our YouTube workout channel is about to take off!!)  with much more there and like always bigger and better things COMING SOON!       Message us  directly with any more gym questions -Alex

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